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On the Family Farm

Northfield Vineyards is located on the Ray Family Farm that goes back five generations. The barn that was built in 1904 still stands as a reminder of the days when folks who lived in rural areas lived off the provisions of the farm. The Ray Family Farm tended to milk cows, crops, and tobacco. Today, it's the home of Northfield Vineyards.

Northfield Vineyard Videos

Mark discusses the farm's past and future.

The story behind the store

Mark Ray

Mark RayMark used to pick wild muscadines for his Granny because she loved eating them. She got to where she couldn't eat them anymore so Mark wanted to figure out what to do with all those muscadines he had picked. He decided to make some wine out of them. "I made me five gallons. It was the worst stuff ever!", he said recalling the taste. He figured that it would be a good idea to take some classes before he made another batch. Today, Mark has perfected his wine making and Northfield Vineyards will soon have a variety of country wines available.

The Ray Family: Marty, Glenn, Diana, Vickie and Mark

Mark RayIt's Southern Hospitality at it's best at Northfield Vineyards. The country setting with beautiful views is worth the visit all by itself. When you add the friendliness of the Ray Family, you will be glad you came.

Burt & Rube

Mark RayWhen visiting Northfield Vineyards, you will likely see the draft mules working the farm. When they are not working, you'll see them grazing in the fields or somewhere close to the barn.